The first guitar for beginners

How to choose the first guitar for beginners?

Come scegliere la chitarra: classica o acustica?

If you want to play guitar, but you’re a beginner. And here comes the question: how to choose the first guitar for beginners? This article can help you. Here are presented three kinds of guitar. All of their pluses and minuses.

If you are a novice, you likely, have no idea how to choose a suitable guitar for yourself, therefore you must know some criteria of choice. For the beginning it is necessary to be defined, what version of guitars is necessary to you: acoustic or an electric guitar? Or maybe classical? How to choose a guitar for the beginner? Here it all depends on your financial possibilities and purpose of the purchase. Let us consider each of them.

Classical the first guitar for beginners

classic guitar

The classical guitar is used for execution of classical music, flamenco, and some blues compositions. Such tool perfectly will approach for training at musical school.

Pluses: Soft strings which are easy for pressing. It will facilitate training at the initial stages, as the fingers will hurt a lot less. A wide arrangement of strings, which will reduce the likelihood of a miss, and this often happens at the beginning of the training.
Minuses: You can play only on nylon strings because installation metal will lead to damage to the tool. A weak sound.

Acoustic the first guitar for beginners

acoustic guitar

An acoustic guitar is used for execution of blues, fate, chanson, pop songs and just street songs. Perfectly will approach for songs around the campfire and games in the company.

Pluses: The loud and sated sound. Due to that the corps of acoustic guitar is larger, and instead of nylon metal strings are used, the sound becomes more deep and loud.
Universality. On an acoustic guitar, you can play in many genres. Therefore variations of models will allow choosing an instrument suitable exactly for you.
Minuses: You can use only metal strings. The nylon will sound too quietly because of the peculiarities of the structure of the corps. To pin strings heavier, than on a classical guitar, for which the fingers at the beginning of training will hurt more and longer.

Electric the first guitar for beginners

Electric guitar

The electric guitar is used for playing in such styles as jazz, blues, rock and in a vaudeville genre. Mainly on an electric guitar play in groups.

Pluses: The ability to customize the sound for yourself. You can adjust both the volume of the sound and its timbre, using processors and guitar “ washes”. It easily to pin strings.
Minuses: High price. Usually an electric guitar out values acoustic or classic, besides, to play it, at least you need a combo amplifier. Attachment to the electric power. To play on an electric guitar, the power supply is necessary. So for playing in nature, it is unsuitable. Even if you try to play on it in an unconnected state, the sound will be too weak.

Taking into account all aforesaid and choosing, what guitar you want to purchase, it is possible to go shopping safely. It is unnecessary to buy at once dear guitar. Because often interest in music disappears after a few employments, and the money spent will not return. But also it is unnecessary to acquire a cheap and off-grade guitar because playing on such an instrument will bring more disappointment and may discourage the desire, even if it was. So it is needed to choose a guitar so that her price was within the limits of reason, and the quality allows you to play it without any discomfort. Here some advice on how to choose a qualitative guitar.

The general criteria for the first guitar for beginners

The signature stamp should be equal. There are a few methods to check it.
Firstly, it is possible to attach a guitar a sounding board to the shoulder and to look along with a vulture on his rib. The neck needs to be perfectly smooth. Any roughnesses or curvatures speak about the defect.
Secondly, it is possible to pin string (first or sixth) on the first and sixth to the tune. The distance between the string and the fingerboard in this segment should be equal, otherwise, the signature stamp is considered to curves. There must not be damages on the corps of a guitar.

Check the line-up of a guitar. For this purpose play on the string in open position and compare to the sound of string a pinch-off on twelfth to the tune. The pitch of the sound should be identical. It is also possible to compare the flageolet at the same fret with an open string. Strings should not rattle and make strange sounds. Check every string for each to the tune. Check the headstock and tuning pegs. They must be fully in good condition.

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Acoustic and Classical the first guitar for beginners:

The distance between the strings and the fingerboard should not exceed 0.1181-0.1575 in. Take a wooden guitar, but not from plywood. The distance between fibers of a tree on a body should be 0.03937-0.07874 in.

Electric the first guitar for beginners:

On metal parts of the tool, there should not be a rust. Check the faders of timbre and switch of a sound receiver. Check the status of the jack input. Connect a guitar and play on it, a cord must not depart. Check out the guitar in the background. During the game should not be present any other sounds. You can read more about electric guitars here.

And in the end…

Among other things, simply play, listen, as it sounds, whether conveniently for you to hold it in hands. Similarly, for advice, how to choose a guitar to the novice, you can add before buying a model you like, try a few specimens and choose the most suitable instrument. Remember, that the best adviser in a choice of a guitar, then you — are not present. The seller can appear not respectable and try to sell to you the poor-quality goods, and friends will select a guфitar which to like them. You need to choose either yourself or with an experienced teacher that will help you to choose your instrument.