The company Jackson guitars

Good time of day, fans to play the guitar! Today, for you, we present you one more series of guitars, at the sound of which, breathtaking. And also get acquainted with Jackson guitars and the history of this company.

When you come to the rehearsal or go to the stage, you demand from your guitar not only perfect sound. But want it to be reliable and not let you down at the right time. In addition, the stylish and original appearance to distinguish your instrument, which would only reinforce the old truth. That the guitarist-a maximum of the second person on the stage after the vocalist. It is reliability and stylishness that are the defining features of the American brand Jackson Guitars.

JS32 King V, JS32Q Dinky Arch Top, JS32 Rhoads and the JS32T Warrior


1. History of Jackson guitars

Today we delve into the history. And see how was the American Jackson guitars and how, over time, developed this guitar company. That has captured the hearts of many musicians for its famous models well-known now throughout the world.

Jackson’s story began in the late 1970s when heavy music came into vogue. And a small guitar repair shop in Southern California became the epicenter and reached a new level of perfection. Since then, Jackson guitars have become indispensable in metal style; this is a high-performance tool that has an expressive style. Musicians who occupy top places in the charts, and young people who wanted to become famous someday play on them.

This company, owned by Grover Jackson, symbolizes the 80s guitars of the “Superstrat” type. The history of its own production began after a thorough analysis of the classic Fender Stratocaster. An understanding of the shortcomings of the instrument and the emergence of the idea of own production of guitars.

Jackson loved to tinker with guitars. Because he was a musician and so got a job in a guitar shop Wayne Charvel in September 1977. It produced replacement guitar parts. The workshop was located in the city of San Dimas, California.

At a time when the workshop was experiencing financial difficulties. That`s why Grover Jackson decides to buy out the entire office for about $40,000 with all the equipment in November 1978. In the beginning, this workshop consisting of three people continued to repair and upgrade guitars. As well as to produce new cases and vultures. In 1979, the main choice of Sunset Strip quickly become new electric guitars under the brand Charvel with a screw-mount neck introduced for the first time. On the left and right side of the major labels written the name.

2. Dazzling Jackson Guitar Output

In 1980, the fateful episode for Jackson takes place. Grover gets to know a young but quick and popping guitarist named Randy Rhoads. Randy’s tastes were specific. He would be a great Feng of two guitars — Gibson Flying V and Gibson Les Paul Custom. And just dreamed of finding a guitar that would combine the merits of these two instruments, but differed from them. Since none of the stores had anything similar, he turned to Grover Jackson. Asking him to make him such an instrument.

Product Spotlight - Jackson RRXMG Rhoads V Electric Guitar

Grover Jackson tried to fulfill the requirements of the musician as much as possible. And after a while already admired the result of his labors. But he felt some sense of discomfort, lacked some decisive touch. There was no logo on the head of the neck. Corporate ethics dictated the need to write on the fretboard Charvel. But the tool does not fit into the entire line produced by the company and was so personal work of the master… Had, without hesitation, to put his own “autograph”. Standard handwritten font. Modestly and tastefully — Jackson.

3. The difference between Charvel and Jackson

The instrument was made and Randy was happy. Until he noticed everyone thought he was playing Flying V. For all his modesty, like every guitarist he was not deprived of a certain vanity. And he wanted to be seen he was playing the guitar made especially for him. To make it different from the standard V. In the presence of Randy (eyewitness accounts differ only in whether the musician was directly at the machine or still waiting outside the workshop) Grover Jackson ruthlessly made an asymmetric cutout on the workpiece. A musician endorsed the result and the second guitar with the words Jackson born. And thus, on completely different schemes and for different segments of buyers produced Charvel and Jackson until 86 year.

On the basis of Fender make Charvel and that will be the main difference. And in many respects, they will look like their “big brother”. The Jackson brand produces guitars of a more original design and with more bold design decisions. In addition, most Charvel guitars have a bolted fretboard. Concurrently, most Jackson it will be pasted or even through. Rich colors and various drawings on the hulls have always distinguished two of these stamps.

Jackson/Charvel Forum

4. Mass Production of Jackson Randy Rhoads

In 1982, after the sudden death of Randy Rhodes and a surge of extraordinary interest in his unusual guitars, the connection with the name of the musician acquired special value. In connection with these events at the beginning of ‘83 was the first serial production model Jackson Randy Rhoads. With a linden body classic black, varnish and maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. In many brand models widely uses this combination of tree species. And according to experts, it provides the Jackson guitars with a dense and saturated sound. Linden gives the sound depth and the proper share of resonance, necessary for the performance of heavy rock music styles. And the combination of maple and rosewood is responsible for cleanliness and intelligibility.

Separately, it should be noted the neck is not just maple. It is glued to the stiffening of its design elements of carbon fiber, used as an amplifier material in aviation. Since the late 1970s and commonly called “graphite reinforcement”. To the casing on bolts fasts 24-frets neck with frets Jumbo. The length of the bore is 25.5“(648 mm), and the variable radius of rounding of the neck-12” — 16“ (305-406 mm). This flatter at the heel (radius of rounding 16“, 406 mm) vulture greatly facilitates the playing of chords and riffs. And with two Jackson High Output Zebra humbucker pickups with ceramic magnets equips JS32 Rhoads. Providing a high level of output, level and tone controls, and a three-position pickup switch. Bridge — tremolo Jackson Double Locking Floyd Rose.

Other unusual electric guitars were also specially made for famous musicians. Like guitarist Kelly from Heaven band (guitar in Explorer style) and guitarist from Overkill group David Lynsk (his guitar resembled Flying V Double-Rhoads). Grover Jackson initially used his name only for tools made on individual orders.

5. Model Soloist

In the market of guitars “for Metalist” Grover Jackson was not alone, the rival brothers also did not slumber. It was necessary to stand out somehow, and the idea of releasing a model that would combine all the best. The “second wave” of the early 1980s gave birth to and simultaneously embodied the ideology of the company with two product lines appeared.

Such a tool was the Soloist model, which, on the one hand, retained the “Stratocaster” traditions in design. And however, it had all the characteristics that in the early 80s were basically a surrogate for the tools of the Custom Shop class. The name of the model, of course, a tribute to the time when the rise was “shred”. Of course, the Soloist perfectly manifests itself in problems of a rhythm guitarist. Today the capacious word “playability” calls its meaning.

Through the neck, it is a more singing sound and at the same time increased the comfort of access to the last frets. Today, the through neck is no longer exclusively a Custom Shop characteristic. As it was in the early 80s, but it remains a serious trial. Form in the spirit of Stratocaster-certainly not so stylish by image, RR, Kelly or King V. But the most balanced — both in terms of design and ergonomics — solutions have not yet been invented. However, in the inlay on the neck in the form of “shark fins” also give a tribute to aggression in the design. It was not without the historically developed influence of Gibson — the lining of ebony, edging on the fretboard. Complements the picture of Original Floyd Rose.

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6. Separation on the line Jackson guitars

In 1985, Grover Jackson, along with a Texas distributor, organized the International Music Corporation. From which he retired in 1989 and began developing tools for other companies, including Washburn. And after his departure at the enterprise electric guitar produced three lines:

1. Custom Shop (only in the USA individually made expensive custom models).

2. US series (in 10 different colors produced an American series of small-series guitars).

3. Jackson Professional (electric guitars produced in Japan, thought to conquer the market copies of high-quality American originals. Like Warrior Pro, Fusion Pro category ultra, as well as model Phil Collen).

For Japanese instruments, the prices of Jackson Professional were high, even with their small assortment. In 1992, a new PRS-style model appeared in the Professional line called Infinity. The characteristics of Jackson which retains  — a pointed pen and a reliable vibrato. Jix models in retro style and Kelly Standard from the series Custom Shop appeared in the Jackson catalog in 1993. And various small-scale variations of these models produced during the 90-is.

To represent two different manufacturers actually began the brands Charvel and Jackson after officially divided in 1986. To Japan transferred Charvel. And in the US continued to release Jackson guitars. By the end of 1987, Jackson guitars production was expanding and the plant moved to Ontario, California.

The same year the series comes out King V, Jackson Dinky produces the market in 1989. Which created on the basis of Soloist. Initially, it was the signing of Phil Collin’s guitar from Def Leppard, which later became serial. Already in the 90s on the basis of Jackson Dinky available more affordable guitar Jackson PC3 Phil Collen.

JACKSON JS11 DINKY BLACK - Review Guitar 180$

7. Absorption of the company

A large giant AKAI absorbed Jackson in 1997. Eventually led to a complete stop of the production of guitars under the brand Charvel. Only one model survived, Charvel Surfcaster, but as a guitar under the Jackson brand released it. Having undergone some modification and becoming a part of the premium line Custom Shop in 1998. Until 2002 froze production of Charvel guitars.

The company Jackson continues to develop new construction solutions. Improving both wood processing technology and design along with improving the performance of guitar electronics. Today, many Jackson tools are hybrids of the old classic models already known. These experiments began in the early 2000s with the release of Kelly Star KS2 guitar. Which was a harmonious combination of Rhoads and Kelly models. Which you can see and purchase on eBay.

Jackson is now a member of the Fender Musical Instruments Group. And judging by how actively the Soloist series began to develop. The traditions of Wayne Charvel and Grover Jackson in the early 1980s have been preserved and multiplied.