Small musical instruments for travel

People take with themselves in a campaign different musical instruments. But we must choose the right size tool. There are tools that you can use to accompany themselves no worse than using a guitar or piano, but they are much smaller. About such small musical instruments capable to go in a pocket, our article. And if you are far from the music, then you should purchase one of these tools (Yes, even all). First, it isn’t difficult, and secondly, in music — a sense of our fleeting lives.

20 Small Musical Instruments for Travel


1. Small musical instruments – Jew’s harp

W50 - jaw harp

The surprising, myth-wrapped ancient tool. Jew’s harps appeared independently almost in all corners of the world — for sure, more than 1,000 local names are known. In America, it is for some reason called “Jewish tower”, although they can`t explain how he is connected with Jews at all. In the 17-18th centuries, the jew’s harp has been extremely widespread in Europe. But over time was cruelly forced out by modern tools, has become a rare thing today. The mysterious tool impresses with its external simplicity and magic of sound. Its sounding seems to someone terrible, but to someone just cosmic. If you give the harp a try to win your heart, then in gratitude he will lead you into a favorable trance.

The jew’s harp allows eliciting an unimaginable set of beautiful velvet sounds and overtones. At such tiny tool a set of versions: arc plate, lamellar, from a bone, wood. But the best sound is for metal ones. You just have to choose the harp. Then to learn to play and every evening, plunging into yourself, looking at the stars, enjoying the magic of vibrations and mysterious sounds.

2. Small musical instruments – Kalimba

Kalimbas for Sale - The Best Kalimbas

Almost as old as European statehood, a tool that if handled properly gives such fantastic sounding. After which the body experiences a rush of delight, and bodies have interchanged the position inside. Names and kinds of a kalimba about the same as tribes in Africa. This is a wonderful tool for meditation, immersion in itself, and purifying your chakras from any mucks.

Kalimbas consists of a resonator body and a number of uvulas. The case of a kalimba can be the most varied form. And the material traditionally used dugout wood, a tortoiseshell or a hollow pumpkin. Modern Kalymbs are also made of plastic. The tongues can be made of either wood or bamboo and metal. The number of reeds varies from 4 to 60, depending on the range of the instrument. To adjust a kalimba — a difficult task. It is necessary other to adjust to all length of uvulas, and then to enjoy a sound.

The sound of Kalimba depends on the size of the instrument. The more, the sound is lower. And the little ones are more reminiscent of the sound of the music box. But whatever was the sound when you sit down, put a kalimba on knees, squeeze your hands and start pulling the tongues with your thumbs, making simple harmonies. And you are carried away in a moment somewhere inside your consciousness, to the country of good and grace somewhere.

Kalimba Solo

3. Small musical instruments – Ukulele


Perhaps, to ukuleles are not the small musical instruments in the world. And it will also be located not in the most usual pocket. But much easier to carry than, say, a tube, an ordinary guitar, and a piano. A peculiar variation of the Portuguese bragini, ukulele conquered the world early in the last century. Lightweight, with the distinctive sound, simple for mastering ukulele, despite its structure and 4 strings, is still a guitar.

On it is possible to accompany anything. Because at this tool the unusual, kind and slightly frivolous soul, just like a beloved girl. Somewhere in secret damp dreams, it is drawn an image: in which you have thrown to a ukulele, a couple of books and a removable shirt in a small shoulder bag. Got on the bus and has arrived at the coast of the next ocean, sat down on the shore and started playing, looking at a blue distance.

4. Small musical instruments – Harmonica


Perhaps, the most popular pocket tool in the world for those to whom laziness to master a flute and a big accordion. But it is possible to play some type of road blues during a long journey. For the first time, the tiny harmonica under the name Little Lady has been made in Germany at the turn of XIX-XX centuries. The length of the modern instrument is 3.5 cm, the thickness is 0.95 cm, and the width is 1.27 cm. It weighs a mini accordion only 18 grams.

Now their variety has considerably increased. There are many harmonicas: with different ranges, frames, holes and the provision of sound plates, choose yourself to taste. If you want to play blues — take blues, you want to play all — take diatonic or chromatic. Build and tone choose one according to your taste. By the way, a mouth organ — it not only is convenient and interesting but also it is useful for health. Doctors say the lessons on harmonica develop a strong diaphragm and deep breathing using the entire lung volume.

5. Small musical instruments – Xylophone

Thomann THXS 3.5 Xylophone – Th

Now we will pass from sounds pure and blissful to the sounds distorted by technical progress. Xylophone — the thing capable to make absolutely synthetic sounds by poking a stylus on the board. It is called “pocket synth”. Now they are less like a prehistoric recorder, acquiring roundish lines and functions of the bit machine. It is a completely synthetic tool when you touch the stylus of the board in different places, the sound of the different frequency is given.

In modern models, a tempo switch has appeared, which allows regulating speed during a sound playback. In principle, on forces to make such piece most, if there is at least a simple understanding of electronics. But if it is not available, or just there is no time, then it is better to order. He does not require any special musical skills. It is that tool over which it is necessary to sit to understand it.

6. Small musical instruments – Flutes

Flute - Wikipedia

The history of the flute, consider the history of mankind. The first musical instrument was, undoubtedly, a drum, or rather his historical prototype. Because the ancient man could do nothing but tap on subjects. And then someone guessed that if to drill or burn a rod from the inside and blow it, then he will present a variety of sounds. But if you have to drill extra holes, then something magic will turn out. So there was a progenitress of all wind — a pipe. Every nation had its own.

Already in the 14th century a completely different flute with the prefix “block” appeared. This block is located in the mouthpiece of the flute, making a simple whistle takes on a noble sound. It is more difficult to play on it, of course, after all, 7 manual holes on the face and one on the back — the so-called octavo valve. Plus, the last two holes are double, so if you clamp it wrongs, you get an unpleasant sound. But at the same time, it is a hundred times simpler to play on it, than on a transverse flute. There is preferably a Conservatory education to have. By the way, if you don’t like the high “no guys” sound, buy an alt recorder. The only thing, it is bigger, but who stops it?

7. Small musical instruments – Guitar


Though by the sizes big also does not fit in a pocket, it remains to the most popular. Now the majority will play on it. And if you go on a trip in your own car, you can safely take it with you. And if you know how to play or there is someone who plays it, then the guitar will brighten up your evening at the fire with various beautiful melodies.

In conclusion, I wish you, to spend your evening together with beautiful melodies, what musical instrument would not be in your skillful hands!

Instrument: Flute