Guitars Gibson Les Paul Standard

1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard, Sunburst

It’s original Gibson Les Paul from 1958 and Mark’s favorite guitar from Golden Heart tour. He got this Les Paul in 1995*. The original frets were replaced with ’59 style bigger ones.**

Used on Baloney Again, Last Laugh, Speedway At Nazareth, Junkie Doll and Long Highway, 5:45, Back to Tupelo, Boom Like That, Whoop Dee Doo, The Trawlerman’s Song; The Scaffolder’s Wife, Before Gas & TV, Cleaning My Gun, Remembrance Day.

*Interview with Mark Knopfler – Gitarist Magazine, 2002
**Mark Knopfler: On ’58 Les Paul and hearing ‘voicings’ –, 2002


1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard, Sunburst

It is original 1959 Gibson Les Paul. Mark bought this guitar in 1995 or 1996. It is used in tours as a duplicate guitar for ’58 Les Paul.


1983 Gibson Les Paul Standard Reissue, Sunburst

Mark got this guitar (serial number 90006) from his pal Rudy Pensa in 1984. Ron Eve (guitar tech) rewired the pickups so that the central position selector combined them ‘out of phase’. This trick was given to Ron by a guitar luthier Sam Lee who did it accidentally on Peter Green’s Les Paul.*

The early Gibson reissues produced between the late 70s and 1993 have 5 digits serial number and first number should indicate the year of production (9 0006 – 1979 or 1989)**. However this reissue was made in 1983*** and the early Les Paul’s from 1983 have the first number ‘9’.

Used on Brothers In Arms (with Marshall JTM45 head and Marshall 4 x 12 with EV speakers), Money For Nothing and You And Your Friend (through Soldano and Marshall 4 x 12).**** Mark still has and used this guitar during record sessions in 2011.*****

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1985 Gibson Les Paul Standard Reissue, Sunburst

This reissue was built for Mark by Gibson Custom Shop with his birthdate as the serial number (12849). Referring to Mark it was a “nice guitar” but ‘fancy-looking’ (‘over-glossy tiger-stripe thing’).*

There is also well known fact that this guitar was made in 1986**. It is not correct information because Mark used this guitar in tour in 1985 including Live Aid on July 13th. Perhaps the guitar was made in first half of 1985.

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